A Spiritual Journey to Delphi

Delphi is central to Greek history and mythology, it was the home of the mythical Oracle and for years it was considered the center of the universe.  Today Delphi stands as a World UNESCO Heritage Site and a popular tourist destination in Greece.  Nestled in the foothills of Mount Parnassos the location and surrounding landscape add to the beauty and mystery of the place.

What to Expect

Today there are mostly ruins here of what was once some of the most significant and powerful buildings in Greece.  One of the places you need to check out is the Athena Pronaia, a sanctuary that was dedicated to the Goddess Athena.  In ancient times if you came to Delphi from Athens the temple would be the first thing you would see.

Outside of the temple was the community of Delphi and the Castalian Springs, which is still considered sacred.  In ancient times visitors who came to consult with the oracle would come here to bath and drink the waters of the sacred spring first.  Inside the sanctuary you will find three temples with the most famous being Tholos.

The Sanctuary of Apollo

In the central section you will find the Sanctuary of Apollo, and you really need to take your time and explore this part of Delphi.  If you go through the main entrance and the southeast corner you will be on the Sacred Way.  When the temples were being used by ancient Greeks this path would be lined with treasures as a gift to the god.  Today the temple has been incredibly preserved and it is one of the highlights of the trip.  This is where the priestess Pythia delivered the wisdom of the oracles.  If you trek to Delphi then you need to see the museum it has some incredible artifacts that were found around the site.

Coming from Athens

Delphi is less than 200 kilometres from Athens so the trip will take about 2 hours, making it a pretty popular destination for Athenians looking for a day trip to the countryside.  If you are staying in Athens then you can find a number of organized day trips that you can take to tour the area.  Purchase your tickets at least a day earlier if you are taking a bus tour.  If you are going on your own then check out some of the nearby towns along the route, try out some of the local cuisine and just take in the history of the region.  In Ancient Greece this was one of the most important places in the world.