Sacred Sites You Need to See

There are sacred sites that can be found all over the world and are part of every culture.  These sites generally have some historical or spiritual connection and attract visitors every year for retreats or pilgrimages.  Here are some sacred sites you need to see from around the world.  These sites are in no particular order but millions of tourists come to these sights ever year for spiritual quests.

Macchu Picchu

Millions of tourist head to Peru on the western coast of South America to visit Macchu Picchu.  The historic and spiritual site is believed to be an “energy vortex” and there are supposed to be high concentrations of energy here that can transform your spirit.  The site is supposed to help with healing, personal growth and provide a sort of spiritual awakening.


The city of Jerusalem is a sacred spot for many faiths including Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  Here is Jerusalem there are many sites of historical and religious significance, you can walk the path of Jesus, go to the Wailing Wall or the Al Asqa Mosque.  You really can spend days here trying to see everything.

The Ganges River

Millions head to India each and every year on a spiritual quest but for the Hindus the Ganges that flows through Varansi is their holiest of sites.  This is where it is believed that here lies a Goddess that can wash away your sins.  Every day there are Hindus here looking for forgiveness and spiritual cleansing.  Nearby there are almost 2,000 Hindu temples dedicated to their various gods and goddesses.


Nestled high in the Himalayas in Tibet, Lhasa is a holy site for Buddhists all over the world.  The Potala Palace is located here and it serves as the home for the Dalai Lamas and nearby you will find the Jokhang Monastery, both of these destinations are sacred to the Buddhist faithful.  Millions come here every year for a spiritual pilgrimage.


Istanbul is an old city with a rich and colorful history, it has been home to Emperors and Kings.  It is where the east meets the west and you can truly feel the history and energy of the city.  While you are here some of the sites that you are going to want to check out the Sultanahmet where you will find the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque, both are important to those of the Muslim faith.

These are but a handful of sites that are sacred and significant around the world, but at least once in your lifetime you should take a trip to at least one of them.